Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A day out in Bayonne

Just 10 minutes north of Biarritz is the beautiful old town of Bayonne.    Its commercial status and long history make it the capital of the Basque county and an absolute must visit for tourists to the South of France.  The town enjoys a splendid location that spans the path of two rivers, the Nive and the Adour.  

It boasts the best shopping in the county, in the most stunning of settings.  With every turn the vestiges of Bayonne's rich past can be admired; its distinctive colombage houses, the remains of fortifications laid in Roman times, the magnificent 14th century gothic Cathedral Sainte-Marie in the town centre and the ramparts and forts constructed by Vauban under Louis XIV.  

Bayonne is famous for the excellent Basque museum, the Bonnat museum of art, the summer festival (the Fêtes de Bayonne/Baionako pestak) and for the invention of the bayonet.  As well as all this, Bayonne is the chocolate capital of France!  It is home to some of the most tantalising boutique choclatiers in the country.  Just a glance in their windows is enough to make your mouth water! 

Yummy!  A day out in Bayonne is a real treat. Enjoy strolling around its pretty streets, people watching from a riverside cafe, shopping in its boutiques and specialty stores and munching on its chocolate delicacies!  

For more information on Bayonne contact the Bayonne Tourist Office. 

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