Friday, April 30, 2010

Picnic Chic

Since writing about picnics yesterday I have been unable to think about anything else. Images of Toblerone towers of salad sambos and wedges of sweet cake march into my thoughts, forcing them to pause and linger on a picture of myself dining alfresco. There I am, peaches and cream, perched on a blue checkered blanket surrounded by a sea of long grass and unadulterated wildflowers. I can feel the heat of the sun on my face. But for my bonnet I would be pink. OK fine, that's taking it a bit far - I'll lose the romantic dribble. However, with the dismissal of this bucolic Austenesque scenario comes a new one. Now I am munching macaroons, ginger beer in hand, discussing clues with my cousins and Timmy the Dog (yes I am Anne). One way or another the thoughts of a picnic swell my imagination. Despite my hitherto rather dreary experiences, I continue to reject the grim reality of the picnic in favour of aspirational fantasy.

On a quest to achieve what may very well be unattainable, I have decided to heed my own advice and chase some picnic fun this weekend. Not one to do things by halves I am now throwing myself into the genre. As with all my whims and fancies this involves acquiring the perfect accessories! Here are some of my top picks for picnic bliss.

This gorgeous cherry picnic basket for two looks sweet enough to need to fill it with treats! If you simply can't resist it go to the Cath Kidston website prepared to fork out £85. A cheaper option is this funky Jessica picnic bag from Meadows & Byrne for just €39.50. This is a dinky little tea flask I found on the Run that House Blog. It simply melts my heart. You can buy it online for £10 from the Dot Com Gift Shop.

Of course all these accessories are pointless without the star of the show, the food! There is some great advice and recipes for yummy picnic treats like the salads below on the BBC food website.

When you're finished gorging you can clean up with these kitsch gingham napkins from Cath Kidston. They just scream picnic! I wish these fab napkins could come in blanket size! I've been searching for the perfect picnic rug but unfortunately to no avail! I just can't find one worthy enough to hold the treasures above. If you know of a rug that deserves this honour please let me know! Also, feel free to share your favourite picnic accessories and recipes. I have a feeling I might be 'eating out' a lot this summer!

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