Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Give France a Chance!

You may have noticed that I have not been posting over the last week.  Apologies for this lack of correspondence and please allow me explain myself.   I was on holiday....  well what do you expect from a travel writer?!  Last week while my compatriots in Ireland were collectively hating France and wishing their football team a speedy and humiliating exit from the World Cup, I was so very quietly loving  everything about the country (soccer squad excluded).  I spent a week visiting my sister in the South of France, as I had done the year previous and for years before that, and have returned converted once  more to the I heart France camp.  

Now that the French team have been eliminated from the World Cup the wave of french-hating hysteria can hopefully subside.  My white flag contribution to the rekindling of previously happy Irish-French relations is to remind us all of why it is that we Irish love France.  France is one of the most popular destinations for Irish tourists after all, so surely a gentle reminder of why we like to go there will help restore some good feeling towards an old friend.  

Bienvenue tout le monde to French week on The Top Tips For Trips Blog!  My next blog will look at all the reasons we love(d) France.  After that I will review the three towns I visited on my recent trip to France -Biarritz, Bayonne & Hossegor.  Enjoy!  

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