Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Royal Wedding Party-Checklist

Whether you are in London or not, Friday 29 April is unavoidable.  The first royal wedding since Diana and Charles has flung Britain into a tizzy of excitement.  Spectators have flocked to the city in their thousands, tents have been pitched as close as possible to the proceedings, an array of tacky memorabilia flies from trucks to shelves to person t home and drips from the rafters in anticipation of the big event.  Britain, the media, the world are all waiting for Will & Kate.  

Now I'm no royalist.  And I'm not British.  But I am a festivalist and this event is a festival free for all.  OK so it is just an excuse to stray from the desk for a glass of bubbles on a Friday morning, but give me an inch and I'll take a mile.  I now on the eve of this event find myself the eager host of a Royal Wedding Party!

If , like me, you fancy a fun Royal Wedding themed themed day off, then here is a top ten check list of what you need

1. Guests.  
No point putting on a party without some pals to enjoy it!

2. Dress code
It is not every day you go to a wedding.  Ask your guests to dress to impress.  A touch of Britain  in a court shoe or a string of pearls perhaps....

3. Lots of seating around a decent, reliable Telly
Dedicated coverage on the BBC begins at 8 AM and ends at 1:40 PM

4.Endless supply of tea

5. Token cucumber sambos (make sure to cut off the crusts!)

6. Scones, Cream and Jam

7. A spread of cakes
Victoria sponge, fruit breads, cream buns......

8. Strawberries and champagne

9. Pimms
Pimms punch always goes down a treat

10. Bunting, mini flags, other random memorabilia


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