Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Do Dalmatians come from Croatia?

Do Dalmatians come from the Dalmatia Coast?  This question niggled me during my recent vacation to Croatia.  But now, after some shallow research,  I can confirm that yes, the popular spotty pooch is indeed named after Croatia's Dalmatia coast.  This is not a reason in itself to visit the area.  Not one Dalmatian crossed my path during my 2 week holiday :( 

Luckily the Dalmatian coast has lots of other reasons to lure visitors.  Having recovered from the Croatian War of Independence by the late 1990s, Croatia has experienced a boom in tourism.  The rocky Adriatic coastline is dotted with thousands of uninhabited islands surrounded by crystal clear water.  Hotspots on the trail include 'the pearl of the east' Dubrovnik and the islands of Mljet, Hvar and Korcula.  My next few posts will retrace my recent tour of the area, bringing you an honest and (hopefully) informative review of my Dalmatian experience.


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