Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Home Sweet Home

As contradictory as this sounds, one of the many aspects I love about travelling is coming home. I have been in Croatia for the last 2 weeks (details of my adventures to follow). As the holiday drew to a close I found myself looking forward to certain comforts and nuances of home. It seems that home sweet home is sweeter still when you are away from it. The craving to wander free and embrace new cultures and experiences is slowly replaced by a yearning for the familiar beat and treats of home. Before I fully satisfy my domestic yearnings and become thirsty once more for travel (doubtless this won't be long), here are some of my foreign fantasies of homecoming rewards.

A 'proper' (in Irish eyes) cup of tea

Sleeping in my own bed   zzzzzzzzzzzz

Swapping the suitcase for a wardrobe

Watching TV

Unlimited Internet access


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Catching up with friends/family

Replacing sandals with shoes, socks and all

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Emptying the toiletries bag back onto the shelf

Planning my next trip :)

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