Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My favourite place in Ireland is..........the Howth Peninsula!

Faced with the abundance of aesthetic beauty and cultural allure that  Ireland has to offer, it is difficult to choose a single favourite place. If coaxed however, the location I hold dearest of all has to be the seductive Howth peninsula. 

                       Map from Howth is Magic

Connected to Dublin by the sandy Sutton tombolo, Howth epitomizes much of Ireland's magnetism in its own splendid microcosm. With over 10KM of pebbly coves and dramatic cliffs encapsulating the gorse-adorned Howth hill and surrounding meadows, the peninsula enjoys a captivating mix of pastoral and maritime charm. 

                                   Rhodedendrons of Howth, photo from Howth is Magic

                                                       Red Rock, Sutton. Photo from Howth is Magic

Peppered with intoxicating viewpoints and garnished with its own bird-sanctuary island, the headland is a treasure chest of scenic delights. A grand castle with a pirate past and a sprinkling of historical buildings, lighthouses and Martello towers are well nested into the landscape, hidden gems for the avid walker. 

                                  Photo from Howth is Magic

Not so clandestine are the attractions of the bustling harbour village; Here one can watch the fishermen busy at work and admire the colourful lines of sailing boats bobbing in their docks, as the splash of greedy seals and chorus of garrulous seagulls fills the air. When spent you can sit into a cosy pub to enjoy a rejuvenating drink, fresh fish and friendly talk. Bliss.

       Photos from Howth is Magic

For information on visiting Howth click here.  

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