Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Turkey's Done!

Greetings all and apologies for my lack of correspondence over the past couple of weeks.  My first absent week was spent on a girly holiday in Turkey, the second in recovery.   This was my first 'fun in the sun' type trip in about 8 years and the prospect of 7 days sunbathing and slurping cocktails with the girls had me giddy for weeks.  In the excitement, much of it being at the luxury of packing a proper suitcase, I forgot to let you all know that I was off!  Or that I was home, but not quite 'holidayed' enough to get back to work!  

It seems nothing much has changed about 'the week in the sun' formula since I last tried out this type of trip. We drank until breakfast, slept through lunch, ate dinner at bedtime and came home with a fresh set of shiny, happy holiday snaps (censored on the plane of course ),voices hoarse from constant chat and late night crooning, pink skin turning brown and a host of 'authentic' Turkish delights.  For us Turkey did exactly what it said on the tin.  After the sixth day however the tin was empty and we were ready to head home to our own private recovery pits!  

Back in one piece now and back to work!  Expect lots of great stuff coming up on the Top Tips for Trips Blog over the coming weeks including some great deals and destinations to see the summer out!  




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