Sunday, August 22, 2010

Winter Can Wait Until Autumn Arrives

All the signs of Winter are upon us.  The days are getting shorter, darker and growing colder.  Each morning brings with it the waking realisation that Summer has surreptitiously slipped away and Winter is waiting just around the corner.  And it is. Hibernation is imminent.  

However, amid the rush to fix the heating, buy the pack of black tights and dust off the wooly coat, we often forget that the very corner we dread turning is in fact one of the most naturally beautiful periods of the Irish calender.  In our panic to brace ourselves for Winter we often race through Autumn without giving it a sideways glance.  

If you are guilty of this then take the time out to appreciate Autumn this year. Stop and absorb the rich colour and character of the season.  It is truly evocative and inspiring.  So much so that you will find yourself living the days until winter rather than counting them :)

My top tip for Autumn.....Fall in Love with it!

Photograph by Edward Vullard

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