Thursday, August 5, 2010

Top Ten Tips to booking a last minute package holiday

Suddenly August is upon us and shock horror some poor souls have gotten here without going on holiday!  With Autumn racing ahead and the sun simmering down there are just a few short weeks left to fit in a sun holiday.  If you are starting to panic that the next time you feel extreme heat it will be from your radiator, then fear not.  There is light for you, lots of glaring sun and flashing neon that is....

It is too late to take advantage of low-fare flights with Ryanair/Aer Lingus.  With just a few weeks of summer remaining flights to sun drenched destinations are at peak price.  Add in accommodation and you are looking at a fairly hefty sum-before a penny of spending money has been parted with.  If you are budget restricted then forget a DIY trip and look instead to a last minute deal from a package holiday provider.  As well as being cheaper you will enjoy the luxury of having checked luggage included in your ticket!  Here are my top ten tips on how to get the most from your last minute package holiday deal.    

1.  Although going with a sun holiday provider is better value, be prepared to go on the 'generic package holiday'.  Most of the destinations available will be to purpose built pleasure zones so if this is not your cup of tea don't force it-you'll come home with a tan, but also a headache.  If you're more culture vulture than poolside playboy it might be an idea to replace your quest for the sun with an Autumn city break or a trip around Ireland.  

2.  To get the best possible deal hold off on booking until it is literally last minute. 

3.  Check out shop windows as well as the internet; often the best deals will be found here, plus you have direct contact with the travel agent and will therefore be more informed about your package.  

4.  Be flexible with your dates. 

5. Don't be too picky about where you want to go.  To benefit from a last minute deal you have to be willing to go anywhere.  If you have your heart set on Gran Canaria, but all that is on offer is Korfu don't be too are likely to have a similar experience on either island.  

6.  Don't make your journey time longer in the pursuit of something more exotic.  While Tunisia and Egypt sound mystifying, the Tunisia and Egypt you will be sent to are more NAFFrica than Africa!  

7.  When  booking your last minute deal you will be given the name of your hotel/holiday apartments.  Most are fairly standard, but it is a good idea to check out the reviews of the establishment on the internet before booking.  Try searching  on Trip Advisor or similar travel forums  to see what others have thought of it.  

8.  If you are travelling with children then it is best for EVERYONE that the hotel/complx you are staying in is family focused with plenty of activities and clubs for the kids.  Put them first when choosing your package.... then you can put your feet up!  

9. Make sure you are aware of your travel itinerary and transfer schedule before you book.  You could end up missing a day of your precious week through inconvenient travel times. Try to get an itinerary that maximises your holiday hours rather than eating into them.  

10.  Wherever you end up make sure to take it with a pinch of salt and enjoy it!  You wanted sun and now you have it!  Buy the Lilo, go to the water park, eat in themed restaurants, do the free shots, dance on the podiums!  

So there you have it.  My guide to booking a last minute package holiday.  Enjoy!

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